#132: Using NetBeans for PHP IDE

While Eclipse (with plugins) and Komodo Edit (my current editor) can also work, I am moving PHP development to NetBeans IDE for PHP 7.3.1.

I’ve never been a big fan of NetBeans IDE for Java development, often defaulting to the Eclipse IDE instead. But I decided to give NetBeans another whirl and see if it works better than several other PHP IDEs and text editors that I tried. Surprisingly, the NetBeans IDE for PHP is a great contender, having improved vastly since I last used it more than 3 years ago. What I liked most is its support for Symfony2 out-of-the-box.

So the forth upgrade I am doing to my development environment is to move all my PHP projects into NetBeans, to take advantage of its integration capabilities with various plugins and workflow. I’ll still do quick/simple scripts in Komodo Edit (not every PHP script needs to be part of a formal project).

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